The Situation of Circus in Europe Study (England)

Across the European Union, and encompassing traditional/classical and contemporary circus arts, the overarching objectives of the Study are to:


  • Provide data on the socio-economic situation and an overall picture of the sector
  • Provide an analysis of the innovative potential of the circus sector
  • Provide a quantitative and qualitative evaluation on the EU-funding-provisions for the circus sector
  • Provide information on the educational situation of children living in travelling circus companies in the EU


The focus is on professionals working in circus in any capacity and their activity over a set period of time.


Methods of Data Collection:


Circus Census

A census of circus in Europe is being undertaken. This is aimed at people who worked in circus in a European Union State between 1st January to 31st December 2018, companies that created and presented work, and entities such as festivals, venues and creation centres who hosted performances in the same period. The links for the census can be found here:


For Professionals –

For Organisations –


Web Forum

Sources of relevant industry literature and contacts relating to workers, working patterns, work permits, education of children on tour, funding, legislation, circus schools and creation centres, circus festivals and venues in EU Member States can be added to the country specific Forum Pages.


The Study has been commissioned by The European Union and is being undertaken by researcher Verena Cornwall in collaboration with Panteia research institute. The results will be shared with everyone who participates and with others including policy makers and universities across Europe.


Any questions can directed to

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